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My daughter lives in GA and I, (her father) live in CA. My daughter was not doing well with her math as a sophomore in H.S. Eddie Kihara was referred to us to help my daughter. Some of the most professional and polite folks I've ever worked with. More importantly, my daughter's math grade went from a low C to a high B. Eddie knew all the in's and out's of Anna's H.S. He knew when various tests were going to be given.

John R.

Parent, Lassiter H.S.
Eddie has been tutoring me for 2 years now. I can hardly put into words how kind, and genuine he is. His spirit is always lifted, and his ability to work with anybody is really amazing. He has helped me with math tremendously and continues to help me improve more and more everyday. I highly suggest using 1stChoice Tutors, and in particular, Eddie.

Jackson C.

Student, Lassiter H.S.
“ The tutors that they have here are great. Each session I go to always improves my understanding of the concept. Without a doubt this is the best group of tutors I have been to. ”

Malik W.

Student, Walton H.S.
We LOVE Eddie! Over the last 2 + years, he has helped my son and daughter get through advanced and on-level Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry., Not only has he been able to convey the material to my children but he is a great role model as well. My kids feel so at ease going to see him.. Eddie has been one of their biggest cheerleaders. His price is very reasonable and he is uber dependable as patient. So very grateful for Eddie!

Lanie B.

Parent, Pope H.S.
“ Eddie has been tutoring my son for 2 years. He is not just an amazing tutor, who genuinely connects with my son, he is dedicated to making a difference. He is quick to respond to scheduling and very accommodating. The difference he has made for my son in math is invaluable. ”

Ursula C.

Parent, Lassiter H.S.
“ Just want you to know I start Multivariable Calculus next week and DiffEQ in the fall. I was just thinking about you this morning and how I would never be taking these classes, applying to tech, or majoring in physics without you all. I always struggled with mathematics growing up. You made me feel confident enough explore quantification of the natural world and there is no greater gift than that. ”

Drew S.

Student, GA Tech
“ Eddie is not only an outstanding tutor but someone who cares for his students and provides mentorship and counseling. He is always accommodating and finds the way to provide great customer service. He has helped both of my boys through Algebra and Advanced Algebra. My 20 y/o is a freshman at South Carolina and placed on his Algebra test well because of the tutoring provided by Eddie. Thanks for your support during all these years. ”

Norberto F.

Parent, Fellowship Christian Sch.

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