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Free math practice for everyone willing to accept a gift from 1stChoice Tutors! We understand that you are asked to pay for so many things in life that you probably are sick of it. It is with great delight that we extend some of our material to you at no cost to you!

This free content spans a wide range of math concepts and covers several common core standards. You will find practice problems for each grade starting with the 6th up to the 12th. You may also find great value in our ACT and SAT Diagnostic Freebies.

Our tutors have spent a lot of time developing these materials with you in mind. One of our core values is that, when we work, we work as though we are working for God [of heaven], and not for man. You will be pleased to know that you are receiving the same high-quality product as paid customers do.

We hope that you will benefit from whichever freebie you chose. Also, make sure you tell your friends and family about these freebies because sharing is caring.

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