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Need a little extra help in math? Our tutors map out a personal learning plan while motivating, inspiring and encouraging you every step of the way.


Take the SAT test with confidence we believe every student should be able to access high-quality, affordable and comprehensive test prep.


Take the ACT test with confidence we believe every student should be able to access high-quality, affordable and comprehensive test prep.


Check out current and upcoming course offerings at 1stChoice Tutors.

ACT Test Prep

4 Week Personalized Course

SAT Test Prep

4 Week Personalized Course

Saturday Workshop 1

Fractions Facts

ACT Test Prep

8 Week Personalized Course

SAT Test Prep

8 Week Personalized Course

Saturday Workshop

Integer Facts


What our Awesome Students and Parents are saying about us

You're such a wonderful help to my girls when they need you. Emmie ended up with a 96 in math!

Ashley H. 1stChoice Tutors Parent

MA got accepted to Lovett and on the waitlist at Westminster. We are so thrilled!!

Anne C. 1stChoice Tutors Parent

I got a 93 on my quiz. Not that good. :)

Hope B. 1stChoice Tutors Student

Hi Eddie, I got a 95 on the test and 100s on the quizzes so now my grade is 89.45!

Caroline P. 1stChoice Tutors Student

Our Method

Our approach to learning takes into account the fact that each student has his/her own unique learning style.

  • 2011-August 2013

    Humble Beginnings

    Before starting 1stChoice Tutors in 2014, I was employed at The Math Doctor (OB) where I tutored 6-12 math, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT math. I love sharing knowledge (even more than math) so much that when my employer at the time closed doors, I offered free help to students just for the opportunity to teach. Overtime more, and more students were referred to me and before long, I had a full schedule meeting students in coffee shops as well as in-home calls.

  • August 2013

    One foot in, one foot out

    With my clientele growing exponentially, it was time to look for office space. Commuting from house to coffee shop to house was too cumbersome. So I rented out a single room to better accomodate my awesome students. However, I still kept my day job with the Home Depot, too scared to take the leap.

  • May 2014

    Transition to Full Service

    As work relationships between various East Cobb schools and 1stChoice Tutors continued to flourish, it was evident that "I" had to change to "we". Dedicated tutors joined to help the ever growing student base excel in math. We expanded our office from a single unit to an entire suite in less than a year since the first office was opened.

  • Currently

    Continued Expansion

    We are honored to serve all of our students. We love each one dearly and we are fully invested in each of our students academic well being. We hope you will join our family as a student, parent, or a math tutor looking to make a positive difference in people's lives.

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